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Green Group Therapy

The New Hope Mental Health Care Services (MHCS) has introduced a groundbreaking approach to therapy known as Mental Health Green Therapy. This innovative approach recognizes the powerful connection between nature and mental well-being, and leverages the healing properties of the natural environment. Patients are encouraged to engage in therapeutic activities in green spaces such as gardens, parks, and forests, allowing them to reconnect with nature and find solace in its beauty. The serene and peaceful ambiance of these outdoor settings provides a nurturing environment for individuals to reflect, relax, and rejuvenate their minds. Whether it’s engaging in horticultural therapy, mindfulness exercises, or simply taking a peaceful stroll amidst the lush greenery, Mental Health Green Therapy has proven to be an effective intervention in alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression.


The New Hope MHCS believes in harnessing the healing power of nature to promote holistic well-being and restore hope in individuals seeking mental health support.

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Green Therapy

Green Group Therapy
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  • Week 1

    Introduction to Mental Health Green Therapy
    -- Understanding the principles and philosophy behind Mental Health Green Therapy.
    -- Exploring the historical context and evidence-based research supporting the effectiveness of nature-based interventions in mental health.

  • Week 2

    Nature and Mental Health
    -- Exploring the relationship between nature and mental well-being.
    -- Studying the psychological and physiological benefits of spending time in nature.
    -- Understanding the impact of natural environments on stress reduction, anxiety management, and mood enhancement.

  • Week 3

    Therapeutic Activities in Green Spaces
    -- Introduction to different therapeutic activities that can be conducted in green spaces.
    -- Understanding the therapeutic benefits of gardening and plant-based interventions.
    -- Exploring techniques to enhance mindfulness and promote relaxation in natural environments.
    -- Developing skills to guide individuals in connecting with nature and utilizing it as a therapeutic tool.

  • Week 4

    Creating Therapeutic Green Environments
    -- Designing and developing therapeutic green spaces.
    -- Assessing the needs of individuals and communities in relation to green therapy.
    -- Incorporating elements of nature, such as plants, water features, and natural materials, to create healing environments.
    -- Understanding the ethical considerations and sustainability practices in creating therapeutic green spaces.

  • Week 5

    Integrating Mental Health Green Therapy into Practice
    -- Developing treatment plans and interventions using Mental Health Green Therapy approaches.
    -- Implementing nature-based interventions in individual and group therapy sessions.
    -- Incorporating nature-based activities in mental health treatment plans for specific populations (e.g., children, older adults, trauma survivors).

  • Week 6

    Research and Evaluation in Mental Health Green Therapy
    -- Reviewing research studies on the efficacy of nature-based interventions in mental health.
    -- Understanding the process of data collection and evaluation in Mental Health Green Therapy.
    -- Exploring the challenges and future directions of research in this field.

  • Week 7

    Ethical and Professional Considerations
    -- Addressing ethical considerations and boundaries when conducting therapy in natural settings.
    -- Exploring the role of the therapist in promoting environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.
    -- Maintaining professional standards and integrating Mental Health Green Therapy within existing therapeutic modalities.

  • Week 8

    Case Studies and Practical Applications
    -- Analyzing case studies to illustrate the application of Mental Health Green Therapy.
    -- Practicing therapeutic techniques and interventions in natural settings through role-play and simulations.
    -- Integrating feedback and self-reflection to enhance skills and competence in Mental Health Green Therapy.

8 Weeks Green Group Therapy

Let's connect with nature in order to heal.

Your Therapist

Antoinette Neil

Antoinette Neil, Facilitator
MS Clinical Psychology, CIMHP

Hi! I am Antoinette Neil, I was born and raised in NYC, but my family background is from Trinidad and Tobago, WI. I graduated from Stanford Hill University with a master’s in clinical psychology. My purpose is to inspire my clients, not to just “feel better” about themselves, but to feel empowered to face their most challenging situation through identifying self-imposed obstacles, self-defeating beliefs, and toxic emotional thought patterns.


Experiencing firsthand mental illness with my own family members and watching them struggle has taught me to show compassion and to be more supportive. I have learned to be an active listener and to focus on healing through love and caring. My goal is to be supportive of my clients and the members of the community in which I live. I draw upon person-centered, psychodynamic, culturally-sensitive, and trauma-informed therapies, as well as cognitive-behavioral approaches to support my clients.

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