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Relationship counseling is carried out by licensed therapists specializing in marriage and family counseling.

Relationship Counseling

Relationships are hard to build. If relationships are easy, people wouldn’t be distraught about lost ones from years ago. That’s how deeply people can care about each other and how deep the cuts of a broken relationship can go when sailing becomes rough and the seas don’t seem to want to quiet down.


Relationship counseling is all about tempering the storms and getting back on track to what matters the most – making the relationship work, and being better persons while we are at it. We at The New Hope Mental Health Services are well aware of the many challenges that people face when relationships turn sour, and we are here to help.

Couples Counseling

“Every relationship will present with problems from time to time; therefore getting timely help is prudent.”

There are many realities that we have to contend with when a long-time relationship suddenly turns awry. The first reality is that sometimes, we need outside help.


We need another person to help us take stock of what has happened, and where the relationship is going. The second reality is that relationships don’t fix themselves, and when there’s something broken, it is imperative that you have the right tools and strategies to actually fix it, and not just sidestep over the actual issues.


Avoiding, sidestepping, or otherwise ignoring issues that are harming one or both parties is a recipe for disaster. If you don’t want the ship to sink, then you need to work on the love ship – fast. It doesn’t matter if you have been in a relationship for six months or thirty years. Relationship problems are concrete issues and they can be addressed if at least one of two is willing to work with a relationship counselor.

How Can We Help?

Relationship counseling is carried out by licensed therapists specializing in marriage and family counseling. Our therapists can help people who are involved in a romantic relationship work through the stumbling blocks that are preventing them from having a working, harmonious relationship.


Conflict resolution, while it sounds ‘simple’ is often a huge obstacle to many, many relationships, and when everything seems to have been done and there is no other recourse, a relationship counselor can often help put things into perspective while reducing the harm caused by intense emotions and personal evaluations of the other person that may not be contributing at all to the recovery process.


Yes, we’d like to say that it is recovery because a saved relationship is akin to having a saved life. For many people who have invested a lot of time, energy, effort, and resources toward saving a relationship, they know how it feels like to finally have breakthroughs that will salvage a relationship from where it’s sinking at the moment.

Therapists have different specialties and theoretical orientations, so it is normal for them to have slightly different approaches to solving problems. Think of your relationship therapist as someone who is fully focused on getting your relationship back in shape again. If there is a general arc or approach to therapy, this arc would involve the following:

Focusing and understanding the specific problem/s that the people involved are experiencing. The problems can be as broad or as ‘small’ as people may think, and yet, if these problems are standing in the way of having a harmonious relationship, these would have to be examined in full.
Some examples of problems that can wreck relationships include, but are not limited to having difficulties with sexual intercourse, addiction to certain things like the Internet or video games, excessive jealousy, infidelity, domestic violence, lack of communication, etc.
The therapist will also expend a lot of effort to help the relationship itself, not just the two people involved. Relationships have specific and unique dynamics, and the said dynamics have to be uncovered and studied for the benefit of those involved. In due time, the harmful or negative parts of the dynamics may be resolved with the combined effort of the couple and the therapist.
The therapist will also introduce different strategies that will help produce the much-needed change in the relationship. Of course, the process of change will be gradual, until the momentum builds up so much that both parties are ready for the bigger changes that will help their relationship recover and grow.

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