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Why The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services

The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services is known for its integrative approach to delivering mental health care in the New York area implementing measurement-based care to our clients. Mental disorders tend to manifest themselves as a network of symptoms in a given episode. We investigate the causal relationship between symptoms, track and treat specific symptoms contributing to an episode.

We are always looking for motivated measurement-oriented clinicians driven by dedication, entrepreneurial wit, and eagerness to contribute to our team. The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services became the clinic that we are because of the members’ dynamic skill set to complement the entire team. Everyone is important. We are always looking to hire Mental Health Professionals and front-end staff.

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The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services emphasizes the role of diversity and multicultural intersection in how our clients identify themselves and how our therapist engages them so that the therapeutic relationship would be mutually beneficial to all. Our clinicians respect our clients' worldview because they understand mental health has different meanings. With this in mind, we offer our services in seven major languages spoken in the New York tri-state area. We welcome talented, bilingual staff to join a diverse team of brilliant, compassionate, and dedicated professionals making a significant difference in people's lives.

Are you a Recent Graduate?

The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services will hire you and provide the clinical supervision, training, and support you need towards licensure. Your clinical experience will be tracked by qualified clinicians with experience working with children, adults, and families. Your training will expose you to different populations struggling with mental disorders so when you write your exam you will have ample time to interpret and answer the questions on your exam.

The Benefits of Working at The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services:
  1. A competitive compensation package that puts you in control of your earnings.

  2. A flexible work schedule (we are open for our clients 7 days a week from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, except on Sunday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM).

  3. A supportive, hybrid schedule with a team of administrators rallying around you to ensure you are properly supported.

  4. The opportunity to work and grow in a clinic that utilizes the latest measurement-based tools and interventions to support our clients.

  5. A company that is stable, respectable, and strong with the promise of continued growth.
Already Licensed and Got Experienced?

The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services offers you the opportunity to work for yourself as an independent contractor. You can choose the population you are most comfortable working with (children, adults, and families, trauma, or abuse). Hardly anything worth having is ever pursued alone; you will be a part of an amazing mission-focused team where your talent and drive will be encouraged and rewarded.

Experience a Work Environment that Respects, Cares, Challenges, and Rewards.

The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services provides integrative care that is transtheoretical and transdiagnostic in a collaborative, diverse, supportive, and fast-paced atmosphere.

We are the message and hold ourselves as reliable and dependable models when it comes to caring for our clients and ourselves. As mental health professionals, we understand the benefits of balance in life. Your ideas, ambitions, and achievements will be encouraged and celebrated together by all. Our open-door policy gives you access to some of the most brilliant in the field.


Here are some of the Benefits you can expect when you join the Team:

License not required for therapist positions

(Supervision is provided by our licensed clinicians; Your hours will count toward licensure.)

Medical, dental, and vision insurance.

Paid time off and company paid holidays

401K Company-sponsored Retirement Plan with matching Contributions.

Life Insurance

Clinical Internship Program

The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services Clinical Internship Program:

Our Clinical Internship Program has grown to become one of the most competitive in New York State. At The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services, we encourage our interns to treat their internship like it is their job, because your internship sets the foundation for determining the type of professional you become.

What you can expect as an intern of The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of owning and operating a private practice.
  2. Learn to schedule and manage clients’ caseload between 6-10 clients.
  3. Learn the importance of coding and billing.
  4. Participate in clinical support meetings to discuss case conceptualization, presentation, diagnosing and treatment planning.
  5. Work closely with an assigned Clinical Supervisor who will support you with various measurement-based treatment modalities.
  6. Learn to use one of the most therapist-friendly Electronic Health Record systems where you will be doing all your clinical functions from scheduling, progress notes, billing and more.

Class of 2022

TNHMHCS welcome it’s class of 2022 interns to our Clinical Internship Program. They come from:
#nyackuniversity #longislanduniversity , #alfreduniversity & #adelphiuniversity
TNHMHCS class of 2022 interns

Internship Program - Onboarding Calendar

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